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Coffins and Cremation Caskets

We offer a wide range of of traditional veneered oak, solid oak and eco friendly coffins and cremation caskets. 

A selection of coffins available:

The Barra ~ veneered oak coffin with flat lid, available in natural oak (as shown) and golden oak
 The Tiree ~ veneered oak coffin with high raised lid, availabe in natural oak or golden oak (as shown)
The Church – veneered elm coffin with high raised lid, available in mahogany finish 
Wicker ~ shown in golden finish
Biodegradable  ~ cardboard coffin shown in brown finish


A selection of cremation caskets available:


The Rassay ~ veneered oak cremation casket, available in natural oak (as shown) and golden oak



 Wicker ~ shown in golden finish



During the course of arranging a funeral, one must decide which type of Coffin to choose.

These photos show you several Coffins with an accompanying description to help you with your choice.

Each Coffin is fully furnished on the outside with Handles, Nameplate and Cords and on the inside with Satin Lining.  

You can also choose between a silver or brass nameplate and we also have a wide range of colours of Cords and Satin Lining.