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Points to Consider

Points to Consider Following a Bereavement

After notifying us of a loved ones passing there is some points that need to be considered in order to progress arrangements.


Points to Consider

  •  Contact Office issuing Death Certificate
  • Contact Registrars Office – by telephone only (Inverness Registrars Office: 01349 781131)
  • Burial / Cremation (Public / Private)

Burial: If existing lair, title deeds should be located

If new lair, depth should be considered

Cremation: Ashes should be considered

  • Officiant (Religious / Non-Religious)
  • Venue for Funeral Service
  • Venue for Catering
  • Flowers / Donations
  • Hymns / Music
  • Piper
  • Order of Service Sheet: Photograph(s) / verse
  • Livestreaming / Recording / Slideshow (30 photographs)
  • Press Intimation(s) / Social Media
  • Transport / Cortege
  • Shaking Hands (Prior / Retiral)
  • Family Seating (Numbers / Order)
  • Pallbearers (Burial x 14 / Cremation x 6)
  • Clothing for Dressing / Jewellery Items
  • Coffin (Traditional / Wicker / Biodegradable)
  • Viewing / Coffin Enclosures


Once consideration has been given to the above points, your Funeral Director will offer advice regarding the options available.


Help with funeral Expenses

We are happy to offer advice and assistance with the completion of the relevant paperwork to make a claim via the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).

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